Who’s Coming?

If you’re wondering who’s coming, check the list below.

(Feel free to extend a personal invitation to old friends who aren’t on the list yet.)

Class of ’83:

Christine Corbley

Woody (Dewitt Jay) Kirby

Debbie Carter Wolford

Marilyn Jones Shefveland

Richard Turner

Fred Swanstrom

Rachel Wieser Haggerton

Angie Willman Hellriegel

Ramona (Mona) Wieser Anderson

Timothy Kraabel

Kristi Burgess Evans

Ron Gaudette

Dave Scheyer

Alan Carr

Jon Anderson

Paul Nitardy

Paul Ekas

Kurt Graupensperger

Rita Ott Ramstad

Dave Lemen

Susan Boles Berger

Mari Ward Edsen

Vince Soto

Martha Solseng

Michelle Lessard

Jim Hacker

Glenda Griebel

Margaret Ward Loiseau

Julia Pribic (Julie Tanasse)

Vic Surface

Charles Morey

Matt Verbon

Kristin Bradley Watts

Lutricia Bontempo Thompson

Allison Ham McClane

Julie Kelly Bennett

Andrea Olson

Stephenie Anderson Onorati

Walt Stuns

Lisa Glover Pearson

Kristi Wilson

Cliff Griffin

Murray Williams

Kris Olsen

Liane Olson Rizzo

Liz Bee

Kirsten Heiken

Kelly Avaiusini Eschbach

Julie Kelly Bennett

Marcy Waters

Rebecca Smith

Victoria Adams

Lisa Pearson

Jana Clemmer

Anne Ratzlaff Anex

Scott White

From other classes:

Izzy DelVillar Parker (’84)


2 thoughts on “Who’s Coming?

  1. Can I get my name changed to spell it correctly? It’s GraupensPerger with a ‘P’, not a ‘B’. Always has been. Always will be! Thanks.

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