What’s this I hear about a reunion…?

hhs 83:  big hair

hhs 83:  sports

hhs 83:  slow dance

hhs 83 reunion: staff pageIf you do–or even if you don’t, but you’re in this picture…

hhs 83 reunion: class picture

…this site is for you.

This is the place for ’83 Highline High School grads who want to know what’s happening with our reunion. We’d love to have you join us in getting our party started.

Here’s how:

Ready to sign up right now? Click here.

Wondering if you even want to go to this thing? Check out 30 Reasons Why…

Want the details on who, what, when, and where? You’ll find that in Reunion Info.


hhs 83 reunion: pirate bloodMaybe your blood doesn’t exactly run deep purple any more.

Maybe it never really did.

But once a Pirate, always a Pirate.

Hope you’ll be joining us next summer to see what the rest of our crew has been up to.

hhs 83 reunion: biker george

Did George Solovjev really join a biker gang after getting hooked on Sons of Anarchy? (Guess you’ll have to join us this summer to find out!)


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