Reasons 7-30

OK, so obviously I haven’t done a great job of regularly posting reasons to attend our reunion, which is now…TOMORROW!

So, no great pictures, no compelling stories. Just a few straight-out reasons (23 of them):

7. It’s cheap. You can get in and out of this event for $5. (And you know you’ve got friends who’ll buy you drinks.)

8. It’s easy to find. Burien isn’t very big, and Bison Creek hasn’t moved.

9. You’re thin enough. (You’ve always been thin enough.)

10. You’ve got enough hair. (Even if you don’t have any.)

11. You don’t have too many wrinkles. (And we all need glasses that we won’t be wearing to see them now anyway.)

12. You don’t have to buy new clothes. It’s a pizza place. It’s summer. Jeans. T-shirts. You know?

13. There are going to be quite a few of us there. You’re sure to know someone. And even if none of your best buds are there, whoever is there will be glad to see you.

14. Some opportunities don’t come twice–and this might be one of them. I know, this is much like reason #5, but it bears repeating.

15. We’ve got really interesting, fun, cool people in our class. Maybe they weren’t that way in high school–or you couldn’t see it in high school–but we really do.

16. Reminiscing focuses on the good stuff. OK, so you might get teased about some embarrassing stuff–but after 30 years, even you can laugh at that, right?

17. There’ll be pizza. Who doesn’t like pizza?

18. Springsteen didn’t get it quite right in Glory Days. It’s not about recapturing boring old stories. It’s about appreciating them.

19. You can personally invite those you’d really like to see. Yeah, it’s last-minute at this point. So what?

20. Maybe you really aren’t too busy. Yeah, it might be hard to get away, but…

21. Our biggest regrets tend to be about the things we don’t do. Maybe it won’t be that great, but if you don’t come, you might always wonder if it could have been. Maybe it would be if you’re there.

22. Did I mention pizza and cheap and easy? And, you can buy beer legally now (if that’s your beverage of choice). And we’ve probably all learned by now how to drink without completely embarrassing ourselves.

23–30. It will be really great to see _______________ (insert the name of everyone you’d love to see again). (Not sure who’s coming? You can see many of them here–but I’m pretty sure some others will be coming, too.)

Like many of you, I’ve got a lot of stuff going on right now. Getting all the way to Seattle was starting to feel hard. Maybe not worth it. It seemed like others in my family needed me to be home more than I needed to be there.

Then my daughter told me I had to go. And I checked in with some old friends I really want to see. It’s been far too long since I’ve seen all of them. When I got confirmation that they were, in fact, going to attend, I knew I had to make it work.

I spent too much of high school focused on other things that seemed more important. They weren’t unimportant, but I really wish I’d taken more time to just be with many of you. Can’t relive those years (thank God!), but can revisit them.

Hope to see you tomorrow.


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