Reason #5: We don’t always get another chance

When I began this series of posts, I fully intended to come up with 30 great reasons we should all get together this summer.

I was going to write 1-2 a week, all spring long. They were going to be mostly light-hearted.  They were going to build anticipation for a great event. They were going to make you want to buy a ticket–because it would clearly be as fun as this dance was:


It didn’t happen.

I’m sure my life is like all of yours–very busy. We’re in the thick of the so-called sandwich years, when we’re answering to kids (and/or grandkids), aging parents, and jobs that are still demanding. (If we’re lucky.)

And now we’re here, within 2 weeks of the date we have to sell enough tickets or give up on the idea of this reunion, and we’ve sold only 30 tickets.

I get this.

I mean, I only bought my ticket today, and I’m one of the organizers. We’ve all got lots of stuff to do, and sometimes I feel about time the way I did back when I was 18:  Like there’s plenty of it, and I’ll get to a whole bunch of things later.

Problem is, sometimes time runs out while we’re paying attention to other things, and then it’s too late. We’re in danger of that with this chance to see each other this summer–and it could well be that we won’t get another one.

Let’s face it: We haven’t been one of those tight-knit classes that gets together regularly. There have really been only 3 people working on putting this together. (Thank you Christine Corbley, Martha Solseng, and Debbie Carter Walford.) If this reunion falls through, I’m guessing chances are pretty slim that another one is going to materialize.

And not to get too heavy or morbid, but:  This might be our last best chance to do this–to see each other while we’re still able to. 48 isn’t old, but…we’re not exactly young anymore, either. It’s not going to be any easier when we’re 58.

For some of us, it’s already too late.

I would love to see this guy at our reunion:

randy wagner

Randy Wagner was not one of my closest friends, but I considered him a good friend in junior high. He had the driest, drollest sense of humor, and he made me laugh just about every day of 9th grade. That was no mean feat in what was easily one of the most miserable years of my adolescent life (surpassed only by 8th grade on the misery scale).

So even though I wasn’t close to Randy in high school, and I never saw him after we graduated, I would love to see him at our reunion, just to say “hi.” I’d love to hear what happened with his life. I wish I could tell him how much his ability to make me laugh during a year when I rarely did meant to me.

But I can’t, because Randy isn’t with us anymore.

If Randy were still alive, I bet he’d be surprised to know that I’d be looking forward to seeing him at our reunion. He’d probably think that I’d never thought of him since 1983–because we weren’t close then, because we didn’t keep in touch, because our lives went in different directions.

He’d be wrong. I bet there’s quite a few of you who’d be surprised to know that I’m really hoping I get to see you this summer.

For instance, I want to tell this guy that I recognize he tried to keep our friendship going, and that I’m sorry I let it slip away.

randy dixon

I’d love to talk again with Kelly (Miller) Coffman and Kim (Bowman) Smerekanych, who could kept their cool no matter how wacky Mrs. Sullivan got when we were putting out the school newspaper.


I want to talk IRL with Vince, who I didn’t know in high school but have come to “know” through Facebook over the past several years.


I want to talk about teaching with Liane Olson Rizzo, who I can remember from as far back as 2nd grade.


And I want to ask fellow now-Oregonian Allan Carr, father of a rodeo queen/engineering student, how he and his wife managed to raise such an obviously kick-ass daughter. (I could use some tips.)

alan carr

There are many, many more of you I hope to see. I’m guessing that most of you don’t know how much I’d appreciate having the chance to share a few hours with them–but I would.

And I’m also guessing that many of you are on someone’s list of “people I’d like to see” and you don’t even know it.

So please, if you’ve been meaning to buy a ticket but you just haven’t yet, click on over to the ticket/registration page right now and get it done.

You never know who might be hoping that you are, and this might be your last chance to find out.


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