Reason #4: Everyone can wear a crown

There will be no Reunion Royalty.


There won’t be any kind of Senior Celebrities (which takes on a whole new meaning when we’re mere years away from qualifying for an AARP card, doesn’t it?).

No Best (Remaining) Hair or Most Likely to Retire Well.

senior awards

(Didn’t we all have great (big) hair?)

No popularity contests, whispers about you (real or imagined), or tests of any kind.


Looks like studying to me…

Our reunion is just about getting together and enjoying the company of people you probably haven’t seen in a really long time.


Like Vince and Alan apparently do at least once a year. Rumor has it that some challenges are being thrown down about who can put who under the table this summer.

Of course, I can’t promise a total absence of snark or judgment, but I’m trusting my parents on this one. They’ve told me that 10 year reunions are a lot about showing everyone how well you’re doing (and seeing how you measure up), but by the time you make it to 30, everyone has grown up enough to realize that high school measures of success are largely a load of crap.

People are just glad to have made it this far and are happy to see each other.


There are so many of you I’m hoping to see, but I’m really excited to know that I’m going to get to see Marilyn (Jones) Shefveland, who’s already bought her ticket.

Don’t get me wrong about high school.

I’ve got some great memories of great times with great people, but don’t let the sparkle on that tiara blind or fool you.


My years as a Pirate were most definitely not the best years of my life–and I’m guessing they weren’t for any of us. That bling’s resting on top of a whole bunch of insecurity.

High school was hard. Our reunion doesn’t have to be.

Come as you are, be who you are, and know that you’ll find a whole lot more acceptance than you might have back when every walk down the hallway could feel like a run through a social gauntlet.

At this party, everyone gets a crown.


If you haven’t yet (and that’s most everyone), could you please let us know if you’re coming?

You can register and get your ticket here. There’s no ticket required for Friday’s HHS Alumni Only event, but we’d like to be able to let Bison Creek know how many of us to expect. Registering will help with that.


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