Reason #3: It’s gonna be way better than any parties we had in high school

Think about it: We don’t have to get all dressed up (unless we want to).


Although, Mike Jaskari and Susan Adams-Provost looked pretty good all decked out.

Our Friday event is at Bison Creek Pizza, and Saturday’s venue (The Garage) is a pretty laid-back place, too. You can feel free to rock whatever kind of attire is your thing these days.


Just like Vince Soto’s doing here.

And, we don’t have to  haul a keg down a path through the woods and freeze our butts off on the beach. (Not that any of us did that kind of thing back then… ;-))


We’re all gonna be way more at ease with ourselves now than when we were back then, which means this party’s way more likely to be fun.


Of course, Scott Dombrowski was always pretty at ease. Looks like he still is.

Just in case there is some awkwardness–because, let’s face it, we might feel a little shy at first talking to people we haven’t seen in 30 years–our reunion planners have chosen a place for our Saturday event where there’s lots of things we can do while we’re breaking the ice.

Small talk is easier over a pool table than a banquet table, isn’t it?Screen Shot 2013-04-06 at 6.04.33 PM So what are you waiting for? Click here to get your ticket and register!


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