Reason #2: No one cares what you look like

Well, that’s not exactly true.

We do care what you look like. We want to see you, the real you that we can’t get from an iPhone photo someone’s uploaded to Facebook.

What we don’t care about is how good you look (or don’t).

I mean, we can’t all look like Sandi (Olson) Rowden. 🙂


Go, Sandi! (About to run this year’s Boston Marathon)

And no one expects you to. However you look, however many wrinkles, rolls, gray hairs (or bald patches) you have, no one really cares.

The only thing anyone really wants to see is your smile.


Beautiful smiles must run in Carolyn (Colasurdo) Flynn’s family.

Our bodies, they are just suitcases. And we all know that battered luggage is the sign of an experienced traveler and interesting journeys.


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(Luggage photo by Phineas H via Compfight cc)


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